We've all been there.

Some guy in the subway stands too close, stares at you, or grabs you in the rush-hour crush. You're so surprised that you don't know how to respond.

A colleague or acquaintance whom you thought was cool gets creepy when he corners you at a party. He compliments specific body parts or tells you gross jokes. You feel uneasy, but you're not sure how to explain it. Who would believe you anyway? He's seems like an average guy to everyone else, but whenever he gets close to you your alarm bells start ringing. You avoid having to be alone with him, and start leaving work at the same time as one or two of your colleagues. Still, you worry that one day he’ll catch you alone in the elevator or near your car. You’re not sure why you feel so unsafe, but you also know to trust your gut.

A stranger with heavy footsteps walks behind you one night on a lonely block, going the same direction that you are, getting closer. You fumble for your keys; you quicken your step, desperate to escape, desperate to run into a group of people, a busy street. You regret walking this way, but you also tell yourself it’s probably fine; it’s probably nothing.

How would you feel if you knew you could fight back?

How would you feel if, when you saw someone you didn’t trust, you could instantly imagine all the targets on his body?

What if you had a plan instead of this (justifiable) fear and uncertainty?

In Lethal Moves for Ladies, you will learn simple self-defense moves that will help you survive life-or-death situations, such as attempted rape, kidnapping, or murder. You will learn where and how to hit an attacker in order to inflict the most damage. You will also reflect on your boundaries in order to make decisions ahead of time about how you will react to possible future threats on your life.

Lethal Moves for Ladies seminars include online webinars, a downloadable workbook, an online community, and two in-person seminars. In Lethal Moves for Ladies, you will:

-Discuss/share experiences and ideas with other women.

-Review the most vulnerable targets for life-or-death situations.

-Review the lesser targets for subway-creep situations.

-Learn how to strike someone else without injuring yourself.

-Practice the most lethal strikes.

-Learn how to identify weapons on your person and in your surroundings.

-Learn how to escape from various grabs and choke-holds.

-Learn how to fight on the ground.


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