Online Class

The online section of Lethal Moves for Ladies focuses on the intellectual and psychological aspects of self-defense. Webinars will discuss statistics, intuition, boundaries, mindsets, and strategies that you will use to defend yourself. After listening to the webinars, you can take notes and journal about the material in the downloadable Self-Defense Workbook. This workbook also includes writing prompts and questions for discussion in the online community of Lethal Ladies.

Webinar material has been curated from my 17 years training and teaching martial arts, as well as multiple books by martial artists, self-defense experts, police officers, security guards, special ops agents, and more. All material is geared toward the situations that women, in particular, are most likely to face.


"There is no weapon more deadly than the will."

-Bruce Lee

Online Community

While you progress through the online class, you will also be able to discuss your worksheet responses, ideas, and experiences with other women in a supportive online Facebook community.

In-Person Lethal Moves Seminars

Multiple Lethal Moves seminars will be scheduled in New York City and the greater Los Angeles area several times per year. You can sign up for any available in-person seminar in your area. Make sure that you complete the online class before attending Seminar I.

Seminar I will cover targets, basic strikes, and escapes. Seminar II will move on to cover more escapes, found weapons, grappling, and role-play. Both Seminar I and II are two hours long and will be scheduled on weekends and weekday nights to provide a variety of times.

*Please note that seminar availability is also partially dependent on the number of women who sign up.

*Please note that Lethal Moves is open to expanding to other areas based on interest.